1.Scene modes: Updated 2021 RGB video lights, updated LCD screen, showing the current light parameters, control mode, channel value, scene number, etc. and simulates scene modes. The video light simulates 8 kinds of scene lights, enrich your shooting environment, including TV, candle, police car, Lightning, Paparazzi, disco, party, bad light bulb. Includes a three-year full refund and lifetime warranty.

2.Professional RGB LED Video Light - Consists of 624 high-efficiency and energy-saving three-dimensional LED lights. Provides brilliant, shadow-free 360 ° full-color lighting even for your photography. This 850D RGB video light supports master and slave control mode, you can set one light as the master mode and other GVM lights as slave mode, which you can easily control all the lights with the master.

3.Bi-color and RGB output forms: the first mode is where the color temperature is between 3200 K and 5600 K. The second mode allows you to adjust the hue output and color saturation of red, green, and blue from 0% to 100 % adjustable brightness and high CRI 97+. This means that you can give a variety of colors to suit any need.

APP intelligent control system: The video light equipped with mobile APP control function, please download the GVM APP from major APP stores (such as Apple Store / Google Play). Etc. Convenience to control the exact color and temperature you need. Effective for video recording.

Dual Power Path and Metal Construction: Made of high-quality aluminum with good heat dissipation, the video light is equipped with a U-shaped mounting bracket to achieve various lighting angles. The LED panel light can use two modes to power, you can use an AC adapter and Sony F750 / 970 battery (not included) to supply power outdoors or indoors.
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