GVM-300W Pro


300W LED Spotlight

The LED Daylight Fresnel Video Light S300S from GVM is a multifunctional light
source with a color temperature of 5600K. This LED Daylight Video Light can be
used as a light for outdoor shooting or daylight balance and be installed in a fixed
device for shooting lighting in outdoor photography
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
Step-less adjustable
Stepless dimming
Each side
Power of 300w
Scene lights
Slient fan
Smart connectivity
Remote Control
compatible products
Bowens Mount

Adapter locking

The adapter is completely integrated with the lamp body
This device allows you to move the light at any time,
Don't worry about damage.

COB Bead

High brightness

300W COB Daylight LED Lamp Bead, which is closer to the natural light.

Easy Control

Control System

Master/ Slave, you can set 12 different channels, and each channel can control
more than 10 pcs GVM same series of video light. Only need to choose one video
light in master mode, and others in Slave mode. Then means you can control about
120pcs GVM same video light. Please note: this wireless remote function only
applies to ” GVM series video light”. Besides, this lighting kit can connect the DMX
control panel and adjust the brightness via the DMX control panel.

On-line Control

Joint control between lamps and lanterns

Prepare more than 2 photography lights,
set one to the master mode, and the other to the slave mode,
and set the master/slave channel (CH) by using the +/- keys.
When the channels of the master and slave are the same,
you can adjust the brightness knob of the master to synchronously
control the brightness and ON/OFF of the slave of the same channel.

Lighting Kit


High Light Brightness and Accurate Color Rendition, 5600K Color temperature and CRI
97+ TLCL 97+ 37300lux photography lighting built with 300W ultra brightness LED COB
long-lasting durable bulbs, digital screen. And comes with a wireless remote for easy
and convenient to operate the photography lighting.

Aluminum alloy

The whole LED lamp adopts an aluminum alloy shell frame design, built-in high-efficiency
cooling silent fan, which is with a 300W high-quality, high-lumen COB LED lamp
beads, CRI/TLCI up to 97+, Daylight 5600K light source, make it closer to natural color,
and the light-emitting angle of the light beads reaches 120°,



Both sides are 300W high power light
Bare light : 55000lux/0.5m, 16000lux/1m
Plus standard cover : 90000lux/0.5m, 37300lux/1m
Ultra-high CRI 97+ helps to restore
and enrich the color light
object providing a natural
and vivid shooting effect to you


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