GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯
GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯
GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯
GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯
GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯
GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯
GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯
GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯

GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯




GVM-SD200S is a compact and powerful LED spotlight Power up to 200W with standard lampshade.
After installation, it can avoid too strong light and make the light more concentrated.
Fill light with custom controls, making it easy to capture the look you want.
Aluminum alloy has a strong structure and efficient heat dissipation
Therefore, it can provide stable and consistent high output for a long time during the service life.
And GVM-SD200S has a light and compact design


Powerful primary color COB lamp beads

The technologically upgraded SD series incorporates the latest high-quality COB LED engine specially developed for the photo video industry
High Color Rendering Index up to CRI 97+
This enables accurate color rendering on-camera, the most realistic reproduction of object colors.
In order to obtain professional results, it also provides you with natural and vivid shooting results.
Consuming only 200W of power, the SD200S produces a bright, uniform light field with a color temperature of up to 5600K.
It can ensure that the light layout in the matrix system is evenly mixed and not divided into blocks

Generic Bowens Installation Design

By using the commonly used Bowens mount
GVM-SD200S can be matched with various light adjusters, such as diffuser, diffuser, standard mask, etc.
Also comes with Bowens light stand
This makes the SD200S one of the most versatile lamps.
It allows you to engrave light art well.
SD200S is suitable for most application scenarios and creative scenarios.
With the push of a button and a quarter-turn, light dimmers can be quickly changed to keep up with today’s fast-paced shoots.

APP Bluetooth Remote Control

With Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh networking system, you can search for “GVM_LED” in the App Store to download mobile App (iOS and Android) remote control lights;

Through Bluetooth Mesh networking system, users can control multiple SD200S devices at the same time. The intuitive control panel on App makes the lighting scene layout easier and faster, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Users can rename connected light devices, group control, and so on, to make the devices work better with different scenarios.


master/slave mode

Through the knob on the panel and the clear LCD display
Rotary buttons, set channels, adjust color temperature/brightness parameters
Or by downloading the GVM APP on the smart device for convenient operation.
With intelligent light control, one person can control the entire studio.
Support mobile phone APP remote control, with online control function.
One can control multiple lamps at the same time.

Build Quality Upgrades

The original S300S was revolutionary for its compact size and high build quality. The SD200S now takes this a step further with a new round of upgrades.

Lightweight and compact design

Measuring only 228*133*349 mm and weighing only 3.15kg , the GVMCOB is designed with portability in mind and can easily fit in most lighting gear cases.
The lightweight aluminum construction combined with the smart thermal circuit design ensures an efficient heat dissipation for a stable, consistent high output over it’s service life.

Powerful True-Tone COB LED

The new SD200S uses the latest True-Tone COB LED engine specially developed for photo-video industry, reaching high scores for color index ratings (CRI 97 / TLCI 98). This enables accurate color rendering on cameras for professional looking results.
With just 200W power draw, the GVMCOB produces a bright, daylight balanced even field of light with an approx. equivalent output of a 1500W+ tungsten light.

Ultrabright Output 200W

When it comes to lighting, output is like horsepower. Using cutting-edge LED technology, the SD200S uses its 200W COB LED output to create an equivalent to a 1500w tungsten light. It also features 0% to 100% dimming control to ensure that you can always find the right level of illumination for your scene. Meet the brightest (and darkest) light in your kit.


Using the built-in industry standard DMX-512 interface, GVM-SD200S can be integrated into more complex studio installations that require standardized remote control methods, such as news scenes, talk shows, or entertainment production.

GVM-SD200S provides 8bit precision DMX control mode.

Daylight 5600K

The SD200S has a perfect 5600K daylight, allowing it to perfectly blend with other daylight-balanced lights in the GVM ecosystem. 5600k colour temp matches the sun and blend seamlessly as white light for natural look.

Ultra-silent design

With the carefully designed mute system, the GVM-SD series has boldly introduced a new design, with a built-in cooling super-mute fan. The advantage of the dual fan is that it can effectively cool down without requiring a high speed. With 100% light intensity, the noise will not exceed 40dB even if the two fans rotate at the same time (when the ambient noise is less than or equal to 22dB). Almost no sound can be heard, and there is no need to adjust the lighting position to accommodate the noise.

Active cooling system

LED lamps are more efficient than traditional light sources. However, LED light sources generate a lot of heat in some cases. Generally speaking, the colder the environment, the higher the light output of the LED. Higher temperatures usually reduce light output. In warmer environments and higher currents, the temperature of the semiconductor element increases. The light output of an LED varies with its temperature at a constant current. Good and efficient thermal management helps to reduce heat accumulation inside and around the LED, which significantly prolongs its lifetime, increases its light output and minimizes the temperature impact on the shooting site.

The SD series is designed with multiple heat sinks and heat conducting copper tubes, which can greatly increase the air contact area, maximize the heat conduction to the outside, and improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

In addition, when the ambient temperature or the total heat generated by the LED is very high, we can increase the total heat from the device by forcing air to flow through it. Dual fan system allows air convection to maximize air circulation. Adding a fan also has the added advantage of removing any concentration of still hot air (hot spots) so that the entire LED system can remain at a reasonable temperature for a long time.

Locking Yoke

A re-designed yoke construction accommodates an expanded range of motion with over 330 degrees, letting you angle and point your light anywhere needed. An improved user-friendly handgrip design also allows for highly intuitive controls.

Intuitive user interface

GVM-SD200S uses an intuitive panel control interface to operate the lights quickly and easily. The digital display displays all the useful information for the user to adjust and customize the desired values.

Large selection knobs can be easily handled (even in gloves) to fine-tune required parameters.

Featherweight Design

While the SD200S boasts an impressive studio grade build quality, it still weighs in at just over 3.15kg allowing filmmakers to easily take this light anywhere without having to worry about the transportation issues that frequently come with larger tungsten fixtures. Tough lightweight aircraft grade aluminum body for easy carry-around.

The Brightest or the Dimmest

The SD200S has taken the precision controls of the S300S and expands upon them even further, allowing for dimming seamlessly from 100% all the down to 1%, meaning the SD200S is capable of being both the brightest and dimmest light on your set.

Durable transport case

The GVM-SD200S comes standard with a durable carrying case. And all its major components can be stored in the case . The thick case effectively protects the lamp body and accessories for easy transportation and safe storage.


  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve only had this light kit for a couple of days, but from what I’ve seen so far they are exactly what I hoped they would be. I’ve been looking at a bunch of COB Led lights and could not pass these up. I’m not sure how you could beat this kit for the price point. They give out a large amount of light for such a small package. I’ve seen some criticism that they are made of plastic, but I actually see that as a positive because it makes them very light and portable. And the Bowens mount is great because it has a locking mechanism which makes me feel way more comfortable possibly using them as a backlight. I threw on a soft box I had and it fit great and locked in place. I plan on using one with the softbox and the other maybe as a bounce or threw an umbrella. I think they are going to be fantastic for interviews. I also like the fact that the dimmer is very responsive and will go to a very low light, unlike other lights I’ve used that can be too bright even at it’s lowest settings.

    This is the 3rd GVM light kit that I own. I have the 560as bi-color flat panels kit and the 800d RGB flat panels kit and I’ve been very happy with the quality and performance from the GVM products . And this P80S kit is a perfect addition to what I already own.

    Overall I think they are perfect for what they are, a no thrills, affordable light kit that packs a lot of punch for the size and price.

  2. 5 out of 5


    In my opinion, this Continuous Lighting Kit is the best choice for interviews, live streams, and photography that need light colors with optimum accuracy, precision, and flicker-free output. This product features a robust 80W COB beads for efficient and stable continuous output LED light. Moreover, it has a high performance with 5600k color temperature, which matches the sun. Also, it has a built-in silent fan for cooling and premium heat disputation.

    Additionally, it is easy to carry it. It is also substantially compatible with many light accessories. It has a lighting brightness range of 10%-100%. Moreover, it beams at an angle of 120 ¡ã. In addition to that, It requires a voltage of DC30V. This softbox and light stand offers a wonderful experience.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Edgar Alejos

    Got this for events videography, using a Fresnel Lens has really changed the look in my videos. A spotlight helps so much in the video. In addition, I’ve used them with an umbrella for interviews, food and product photography. Also the light shaper it includes has been so useful. I have used them 3 hours non stop and work perfect, love the fact that you can select the level of brightness, I got the 2 pack thinking in selling one since I thought I would need that but I’m really considering keeping both.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Midwest Outdoorsman

    These are very basic in design and build. Don’t expect lots of features and extras, but they are bright and relatively quiet. I have not used them for video work, but as long as they are not right next to a microphone I don’t anticipate it being an issue. I have mostly used them for product photography and still scenes. The color balance is great and they are very bright (I know that I have already said this). The build is acceptable as well. Also since they have a Bowens mount you have numerous ways that you can modify the light.


GVM SD200S 200W 视频灯
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