GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯

GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯


Number of Lights: Single Light




Number of Lights

Single Light

GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯 有 7 个评价

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very good. The lights are bright and really helped me send it very fast and I really liked it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Poc Network // Tech

    This made for a wonderful addition to our collection of lights around the office. Joining a growing collection of models from this brand, giving us plenty of experience with their quality of product. What is most noticeable about this light is easily broken down into two points.

    ? – The brightness of this light is perfect for both large shoots as well as outdoors since it is going to have the most effect on your scene. It is the equivalent (or at least feels like it) of using two of their entry-level models at once and with the ability to dial the brightness down or up at will.

    ? – The ability to control the light via their app. This is what makes this light so valuable for your shoot since you don’t have to run around to adjust them by hand. Not only can you control them from the app, but they can be set up in host/slave configuration so that you are only adjusting one light, and then any light you have after that can follow along with whatever that light does. Perfect for making quick changes to your setup.

    It does have a fan inside to help keep the LEDs cool with, and the fan isn’t loud. It should blend right into your setup and disappear, as we couldn’t hear it on camera without getting it right up against a microphone, or pointing a shotgun microphone directly at it (within optimal range).

    The bag it comes with is perfect for protecting everything with, so it should last through travel and time just fine as long as you make use of it and treat it right. So we absolutely loved this one, and are glad to have it within our collection.

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  3. 5 out of 5

    Doctor Mellan

    I¡¯ve been very pleased with this light. The Bowen¡¯s mount allows me to use a snoot or a soft box and change them quickly. Bi-color let¡¯s me dial in the warmth or coolness and dim the brightness easily. I found the app to be a little clunky because it requires the phone to connect to the light¡¯s WiFi signal…which means that my phone can¡¯t be on WiFi and connect to the light at the same time.

    The carrying bag is handy and since the light doesn¡¯t get hot, it is a really quick setup and breakdown. Great for quick moving shoots.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Huy Le

    The design features dual temperatures with step adjustment. Can enrich the colors of objects providing you with a realistic and vivid visual effect. Can transfer a device to the server to control the server through the application. Suitable for indoor and office use.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Powerful in a fairly light package. Well worth the cost. Temp and brightness controls work as desired and it’s fairly intuitive. Would buy again.

  6. 5 out of 5

    David L Thomson

    I like everything about this light – the brightness, the color adjustment, the controls, and the price.
    A part was damaged in shipping and the vendor was great about replacing it.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Antoine Crowley

    Great quality product will purchase again


GVM-G100W 90W 大功率 LED 射灯 双色影室灯
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