The purpose of the GVM-2D slide rail is to assist in shooting videos that require stable movement. Many times we watch the video and find that people’s mirror movement is particularly stable, which is more stable than the stabilizer. How is this done? It is possible that the slide rail is used. The most classic gameplay is this kind of mobile shooting. Whether it is moving left or right or zooming in and out, it is very useful in many video shooting, which is definitely much more stable than shooting with a handheld stabilizer. Not only can you move left and right, but you can also make a 360-degree circle, which allows you to shoot some very interesting videos. Here is a video of a camera taken with a GVM-2D slide rail. You can see that not only is there lateral movement, but the camera itself is also rotating. The final effect is this:
This function is very useful for people who often write lens recommendations, camera recommendations, and various product recommendations. The following figure shows the button layout of this slide rail. It is very easy to use. The function of point A and B is the most commonly used. After pressing A, adjust the direction and position of the camera, then press A to confirm, and then move the camera to another Set a position and adjust the direction, press B twice to set it, and then press the play button and the slide rail will move back and forth between point A and point B.
Although there is only one slide rail, there are two motors, one is responsible for moving on the slide rail, and the other is responsible for the 360-degree rotation of the camera. Movement of the lens direction. Many slide motors are very loud, and this slide has no sound. If you want to shoot a video with sound, this low noise is still very useful.
The gimbal has a built-in motor that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. This can be said to be the biggest difference between this slide rail and other competing products, and it also supports automatic and manual rotation. Dual motors mean more shooting possibilities, as shown in the video below. This effect is not only panning but also turning to a certain direction so that the time-lapse photography effect will be more shocking and dynamic. This function can be used not only for video but also for taking pictures, such as common time-lapse photography. This slide is thoughtfully prepared with 6 shutter releases, which is suitable for most cameras, and the slide can be used to control the photo.
It can be seen from the video that not only the translation motor of the slide rail is used, but also the steering motor of the slide rail is used, which is much better than the simple translation effect. Of course, the speed can be adjusted in the settings, and the adjustment is faster here to show everyone. This part can move at the slowest speed of 1%. It takes 13 minutes to walk from start to end, and it moves back and forth for nearly half an hour. This super slow speed is very useful in many wedding photography, and it can make very good videos with time-lapse photography.
You can select the slide rail moving time for custom super slow speed, up to 24 hours, so that the slide rail can go back and forth all the time, which is suitable for long time-lapse photography shooting. The battery life is also very long, and the battery is also a common F750.
Also because of the shutter release, you can take panoramic pictures, and you can take pictures by yourself after setting it in the slide rail. There is no need to press the shutter manually. In addition to shooting time-lapse photography, there is also this kind of panoramic film, the shooting difficulty is very low, one-click synthesis in the post-PS. Because there are slides, time-lapse shooting and shutter release, then there is a great shooting subject: stop motion animation. For example, if you take this dummy as shown in the picture below, it cannot move by itself, but if you give it an action and then press the shutter, then perform another action and then press the shutter, and finally make these photos into a video, the dummy is always It’s moving. This is the so-called stop motion animation. After there are slides, this animation is much easier to shoot.
In addition, there is APP remote control setting, just turn on the Bluetooth link, which is very simple. You can even save the settings in the APP, and you can use the same AB path to move when you take a photo next time, which is very convenient. It is also very convenient to carry, and you can leave with a bag on your back.
The GVM-2D slide rail was originally used for professional video shooting, such as product shooting, food shooting, company video shooting, stop motion animation, but now in the self-media era, many Tiktok and YouTube bloggers have to shoot videos, especially digital The kind of internet celebrities who want to introduce digital products, this time the slide rail is needed.
The main feature of the GVM-2D slide rail is that it has more complete functions, such as time-lapse photography, automatic round-trip, AB setting, ultra-slow speed movement, dual motors, offline work, and low sound. It can basically meet my needs. Use It is also very simple. Compared with other slide rails, it also has such good functions as manual key point setting, top collision avoidance, APP memory data, 1% super slow speed, manual electric switching, stack photography, stop motion animation and so on.
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