GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 3灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 3灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 3灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 3灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 3灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 3灯套装
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 3灯套装

GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装


Number of Lights: 2-Light Kit

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Number of Lights

2-Light Kit

GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装 有 6 个评价

  1. 5 out of 5


    Since two years I also own an earlier GVM lights: GVM-LT-50F.
    GVM 1300D is nice improvement over my previous lights. Noticeably lighter, significantly slimmer, ability to precisely dim light to almost zero, immediate reaction to knob turns, runs well on NP-F batteries and – it is an RGB light, which may come handy at times. It seems to be a bit brighter than my old light too. Last nice touch is the case (my previous lights came in cardboard boxes only). Overall, maybe not pro durability and finish, but more than adequate for hobby and light use.
    I have not used remote control features yet, I can’t comment on these yet.

    PS: I now tried remote control features, GVM iPhone application works exactly as you can see in many YouTube results with all good and bad. It does work reliably, you can control one light at a time. One thing that application would definitively benefit from would be to ability to assign name to your lights. As it is now – it only displays UUID’s of the lights, application could translate these to meaningful names. MASTER/SLAVE mode on the other hand only works for extremely short distance, like 2..3 feet. I bit further if both lights are facing each other, about 2 ft if they are positioned side by side. It is probably internal transmitter antenna shielded by the metal housing of the lights. From practical usability point of view MASTER/SLAVE mode does not exist.

  2. 5 out of 5


    * Add awesome colors and lighting to your photography. I am Amateur Photographer but likes these lights very much.
    * I did use this on a photo booth setup for my party recently and it add beautiful colors to the pics.
    * You can manage the colors from the back of the light or from the app.
    * It set white colors from 3200k to 5600K.
    * You can change the mode and then setup the RGB color combinations.
    * Preset lighting scenes for multiple environments. like Disco, normal lighting or party and many more.(So many options to explore. Look for all details in the manual.
    * Set of 2 lights with 2 tripods.
    * Around 10ft long power cable.
    * Strong tripods for light.
    * You can also mount or hang these lights.
    * Strong carry case with protective pads.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I own a midsize video content agency and have been looking for some affordable, portable, reliable and flexible LED panels for some time. I have now used the lights for a couple of months and can honestly say they have exceeded my expectations. This is the second set of GVM lights I have purchased and both products are perfect for what I do. We are video creators primarily creating commercials, marketing videos, music videos and these lights work so well. They are flicker free and plenty bright enough to light multiple people in an interview situation. I’ve also used them to light green screens and talent. They are simple to operate and only took me five minutes to figure out how to slave them together and control them all from the app on my phone. I love that the color temperature can be dialed in any way I like which makes mixed lighting situations easy to handle because I can match the color temperature of the natural light of the room. The built in dimmers work perfectly and it allows me to set up the scene exactly the way I want. One of the best things is that the can operate from batteries or from the included power cables. This is so beneficial when you need a quick shot outside or you just don’t want cables running everywhere. I actually really love the special effects modes like disco, police light and lightning. I recently used the lightning effect for a commercial and it impressed my client because it was so fast to set up and looked great on screen. I also used the police light effect as a reflection on a wall and it was completely convincing. In the last interview I used a color mode to splash blue on the wall and then used the other two lights to light the on screen talent. No more color gels! I also really like the stands that come with the lights. They are sturdy and fold down so they also fit inside the carrying case. The lights themselves look and feel high quality. The entire set is affordable, flexible, well-built and plenty bright enough. I have replaced three bags of stands and lights with this one kit! My team loves having to only carry this one bag! Overall, I love these lights and for the price you cannot go wrong!

  4. 5 out of 5


    This are my to-o lights for Youtube content. They are RGB, bright, light and they come in a carrying bag with stands included. I use to carry 3 C-stands, lights and modifiers… Now, I just take this kit and my camera. I even used for product photography and food photography, i left some examples in my photos. Great kit

  5. 5 out of 5


    These lights are excellent, considering the price. You could use them for a standard 3-point setup, especially if you add a softbox or other diffusion. They also make great background lights for a YouTube studio. They are very bright and convenient with the option for battery power. The light stands are not heavy duty, but sufficient for light travel and home/studio use. The carrying case is also very nice. If you need quality lighting but don¡¯t want to invest in a bigger Aputure 120D-type light, or you just want some powerful background accents, these are definitely worth the price.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Guido Cardoso M.

    Las uso para un ser se producci¨®n de video y fotograf¨ªa, para proyectos en el estudio y en exteriores. Si recomiendo su uso, es un equipo de muy buena calidad.


GVM 1300D 2L
GVM-1300D 65W 强大的双色和 RGB 视频面板灯 2灯套装
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